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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dave Sperry Cartooning Library - Mr. Revere and I ....as Revealed by his HORSE

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Mr. Revere and I
Set Down and Illustrated by
Robert Lawson
© 1953

I am rereading this wonderful story about Paul Revere as written by his horse, Scheherazade, "Sherry". Sherry begins the story as a mount of the Queen's Own Household Cavalry and is rescued and expropriated from a glue factory owner by Sam Adams who on behalf of the Sons of Liberty presented "Sherry" to Paul Revere, " in order that you may still more efficiently carry out your noble efforts in the sacred cause of Liberty." Sherry tells rest of the story of Revere's Rides and the history of Boston. Robert Lawson's black and white illustrations add flavorful details and expressive landscape backgrounds to his imaginative tale within real historical events!

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