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Friday, September 21, 2012

Dave Sperry Cartooning: The Romney Republican Bandwagon Dreams

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     Romney Republicans in 2012 are difficult to understand. They claim they will take care of everyone and continue to pretend they do it all themselves and that everyone is trying to live off them. Then we are treated to Mitt Romney's comments about the 47% . They have some real issues involving self, community, and fuzzy memory about their disregard of their role in the state of the United States. In their mind the Bush years did not happen, especially the last years. They have attempted to stop Obama from succeeding in every way possible. 

     It is also interesting how far right the current Republicans have gone. But it is almost not even right. It kind of seems like they are heading in the direction of isolation. Eventually they are left on their own in a far off cold land in some kind of frozen utopian narcism-like state of self satisfaction. Then they can say they did it all themselves and it will be true. Some Romney Republicans are jumping off the Romney Republican Bandwagon. They have decided to leave this mess and try to rediscover their original Republican compass. My dream is that Republicans will work with the Democrats understanding strength comes from working together.  Cue Aerosmith.........Dream on!

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